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About us

Since 2002 we have been organizing your tango holiday with a lot of passion, because we want to give you an unforgettable travel experience. With the combination of vacation & tango dancing, a tango trip is a wonderful opportunity to make your travel dreams come true.
We personally accompany all our tango trips so that we can ensure that you can leave your everyday life behind. We have selected charming hotels with a lot of flair in beautiful areas for you. A tango trip with us means enjoyment with all your senses: culinary delights, relaxing time for two or together with likeable tango friends and atmospheric milongas with a balanced ratio of followers and leaders.
We look forward to wonderful encounters and experiences together around the tango..

Bailando Tango Holidays

For many years we have been organizing tango trips to particularly scenic areas, which have retained their originality and beauty far away from mass tourism. We are often asked by our participants how we find these places. We ourselves like to be “off the beaten track” and we probably discover our tango goals because we travel with all our senses, with a lot of sensitivity, curiosity and joy in travelling.

Most of the destinations of our Tango trips 2023 are easy to reach - also by public transport, but without flying. Together with us you can recharge your batteries in the tranquil Jagsttal, on the Chiemsee and in the green heart of Austria, Styria. Enjoy intact nature in the picturesque Bregenz Forest and in the mountains of the Ötztal.

We select our hotels carefully so that our participants can enjoy their vacation time to the full in addition to the tango. The hotels offer “Flair & Charme” to make you feel good. They are personally managed and offer good cuisine. Because if you dance a lot, you also have a good appetite...

The tango lessons are offered in such a way that there is enough time to relax and also enough freedom for your own activities in the beautiful surroundings.

We are pleased about numerous feedback from participants our Tango cruises.
The participants are from different countries and therefore we copied their feedback:  

Tango Cruise Baltic Sea and Saint Petersburg, Aug 10 - 18, 2019

Dear Anette,
Thank you very much for hosting such a wonderful tango cruise for our family. Your organisation was perfect for both the tango events and keeping us right for the cruise itself. Your excursions were more relaxed than the ships and Emily’s favourite day was the second St Petersburg trip she spent with us! Your experience of Russia showed in your choice of destinations! The workshops by Felipe and Adriana were relaxed and friendly and their teaching method was easy to follow. I learned so much from Felipe and Adriana. The whole event had a warm and friendly atmosphere, and by the end it almost felt as if we were an extended family. We all loved every minute. I hope to join you again sometime in the future. Huge thanks again, Helen from Scotland

Tango Cruise in the Mediterranean, September 17- 28, 2018 

Thank you for the beautiful and happy time during the cruise. Your arrangements were fantastic!
We enjoyed every minute of the trip and are looking forward to participating again sometime in the future.
Cheers, Asako and Jung from Japan

Un grand merci Anette pour cette belle croisière et ces deux deux très belles photos, jointes à ton mail. Nous avons une fois de plus passé une très belle semaine de tango avec un excellent groupe de danseurs, j'ai adoré tes flashmobs dans ces merveilleux endroits. Bruno et Anne

Tango Cruise Norwegian Fjords, September 1- 9, 2018 

Hello Klaus and Anette. Thanks very much for the photos and videos, which are much better than mine.  And thanks again for such a great tour. We were impressed by your organization and will happily recommend you. Best wishes Peter and Heather from New Zealand

I hope you are ok and already out on a new trip. I want you to thank you very much for the wonderful trip we had! Everything was perfect! We enjoyed it a lot. And last but not least I think we progressed in tango. I hope we’ll be able to enjoy other trips like Norway. Warm wishes, Daniela

Tango Cruise around  Japan, April 15 - 26, 2018 

Hello Anette and Klaus, We had the most wonderful time in Japan with you. It is very difficult for us to adjust to being home after this experience. Once again you have made something very special for us. Thank you so much for all you have done. We look forward to our next meeting.
A huge ARIGATO and muchos abrazos y besos from bonny Scotland.
David and Roslyn

Tango Cruise Baltic Sea, May 3- 13, 2017 

Thank you most warmly, dear Anette and Klaus. It was an absolutely beautiful cruise, and the smooth logistics you arranged and your attention to so many behind the scene details made it easy and relaxing for all of us participants! Tiffany and Clair

Tango Cruise Norwegian Fjords, Aug 26 - Sept 3, 2016 

Dear Anette
We wanted to send you a few words about the cruise... I am not sure if we told you how much we enjoyed !!! It was really AMAZING !!! Like always - and better...  The places, the views, the tango, dear Adriana and Filipe, the ship, the atmosphere, our dining together, dancing together... Everything was perfect !!!! 
And of course the best: You and Klaus. I am looking forward with excitement to the next cruise. Thanks, Love you. Ronit & David, Israel

Tango Cruise from Barcelona to Rome, July 30 - Aug 6, 2016 

Anette and Klaus,
just once more, tons of tons of thanks from us for wonderful days, full of romantic, music, beautiful new friendships, lots of incredible impressions and ... sure... full of dancing.. !!! We are so happy being able to experience such wonderful days with all of our great group more and more !!!
Vladimir and Stella

Dear Anette,
We are safely back home, and we have the most wonderful memories of our time spent with you and tango group. Thanks to you and Klaus for organizing this trip and planning everything down to small details to make it such a great experience.
Anna and Gerardo from Saratoga Springs, USA.

Tango Cruise from Buenos Aires around Cape Horn to Valparaiso, Feb 24 - Mar 14, 2016

It's been almost a month and we're still basking in the glow of our trip with Bailando Reisen. This was our first cruise. We still aren't the cruise type. But, cruise+tango+Anette & Klaus= the perfect vacation for tango-lovers like us. We didn't know any of the others in the group yet the camaraderie we developed made the trip especially fun, memorable and a great tango-improvement experience. Anette and Klaus must be the world’s best tour organizers and guides. They paid attention to the smallest details and planned wonderful excursions (the arrangements they made for us to dance on shore were in charming venues; one was the best meal we had; I can still taste the lamb. And that’s compared to the high quality and incredible variety of food on board the Infinity). They clearly cared about making this an unforgettable experience. Thank you both so much for making this such a fantastic adventure.  We hope we'll be seeing you again on another of your trips.
Jeff and Karma

Hello Anette and Klaus
Back to the routine life of Montreal after a wonderful time spent the past few weeks.
We have really appreciated our holidays which thanks to your amazing organization and pleasant enthusiasm. We enjoyed meeting new friends and also the participation of Lam and Roberto.
Thank you for the pictures and please do share our email with others.
Looking forward to future sailings with you.
Happy Easter.
Rafik and Magda

Tango Cruise from Istanbul to Rome, June 20-27, 2015

Dear Anette and Klaus, Adriana and Filipe,
We send you our VERY BIG THANK YOU.
The entire experience was like a beautiful tango, with the way you warmly embraced and took care of us, the many changing rhythms you provided, the exquisite execution, and the delightful extras and adornos. Love,
Tiffany and Clair Urness

"Deluxe" Tango Cruise in the Mediterranean, September 27-October 4, 2014 

Hello Anette, 
It is almost a week since the cruise ended and our past week is all but good memories! Back now to our day-to-day routine. Rafik and I wanted to thank you for the nice cruise we spent and the perfect organization. We were very happy to meet you as we really enjoyed your company. We also got to know other wonderful tangueros in the group. We look forward to many more trips with you. Let's stay in touch, 
Rafik and Magda from Montreal.

Tango Cruise Baltic Sea and St. Peterburg, July 20-27, 2014

We had a very good time with you all last month on the cruise. We enjoyed your company so much. Hopefully, we will meet again at one of the cruises next year.
Kris and Mirka from Canada

Tango Cruise from Venice to Istanbul, June 14-21, 2014

Dear Anette and Klaus,
Thank you very much for the photos. We looked at them with relish, remembering all the good time we had on the cruise, and having a glimpse of all the other lovely places you offer to visit. So we keep it in mind for another holiday...
Kindest regards and have a nice time in the Baltic! 

Danke, gracias, merci, thank you, Anette and Klaus for such a terrific trip and souvenir photos. It was a pleasure savoring and dancing amidst the Mediterranean splendors with everyone. A truly memorable journey, and perhaps not the last.
besos a todos, Judith

Muchas gracias Anette, nos sentimos muy satisfechos de haber hecho este viaje con vosotros, con todo el grupo, esperamos que sean más y que los podamos disfrutar como este. Un fuerte abrazo para los dos. José y Berta

Chère Anette, vielen Danken für deine E-mail ! We very much enjoyed our cruise. The group was very friendly and we definitely appreciated the way tango lessons were conducted - so, special thanks to Felipe and Adriana, and best regards to Klaus who was perfect with the music ! I wish you the best for your next cruise. At this time we will be joining a big tango event in France.  Pour conclure, merci pour la découverte, l'organisation, et le multilinguisme ! Claude et Jean, France.

Tango Cruise "Deluxe" in the Mediterranean on the Azamara Quest, Sep 7-14, 2013

Many thanks from Pierre and Elisabeth, watching the previously sent photos and this video, it is so great: we still live the Cruise...and will share them with our relatives. We appreciated your kindness and the organization, Abrazos to Anette and Klaus

Tango Cruise Greek Islands and Istanbul, May 21-June 1, 2012

Hello Anette, 
I'd like to thank you for your excellent organisation of all the activities during the cruise.You really deserves my felicitations ! Jeff

Hello Anette and Klaus, we would like to thank you again for the fantastic tango cruise that you organised.  It was a truly unique and very wonderful experience.  I will certainly consider doing it again.  So please keep me informed of all the tango cruises you are doing in the future. Ron and Wendy from Australia.

Tango Cruise from Buenos Aires around Cape Horn to Valparaiso, Feb 23-March 11, 2011 

I am very grateful to Anette and Klaus for the perfect organisation of our whole journey. I also thank our teachers and all the participants of the group, with whom I shared precious times of discover, surprise, adventure in rafting and, of course, tango and happiness. Friendly feelings, Paule.

Tango Cruise Baltikum, August 14-22, 2010

Dearest Anette, we didn´t have time to really tell you how much we enjoeyed ourselves, it was great!!!! Thanks a lot and kisses, Ronit and David from Israel 

Tango Cruise Greek Islands, May 23-30, 2009

I would like to tell you that I spent wonderful days in the cruise, and that you all were very kind trying to speak english, so people who were not german were able to understand, so I am looking forward for the next one in July. Maria, Sevilla. 

Tango Cruise Greece, May 24-31, 2008

Dear Anette, This message to tell you how we enjoyed our tango cruise. It was a perfect tango session and an unforgettable travel. Many thanks to you and Klaus to have managed the group with patience and attention for everybody. Congratulation also for your very good french. It was very helpfull for all the french people. We hope to look you forward for a new tango cruise. Kind regards, Jean-Francois.

Tango Cruise around Cape Horn, Feb 28-March 19, 2008 

Hi Anette, I just wanted to thank you and Klaus for organizing this beautiful trip. You guys did an excellent job in putting it all together. Everything from the tango classes, milongas and shore excursions was perfect. I am sure we will be sailing with you again. Please let us know about your upcoming cruises for 2009. Best regards from Toronto, Sorina and Dan 

Tango Cruise around Cape Horn, Feb 20-March 12, 2007 

Hello Anette, thank you very much for remember me on my birthday and also for the wonderful days on the cruise, I have spent with you, Klaus and all your friends. I will always keep you all in my heart. Beso, Adelino from Portugal. 

Tango meets Salsa in the  Caribbean , January 2006 

Dear All, I just want to say „good bye“ to all of you, as I unfortunately lost you at Port Lauderdale resp. at the Yankee Clipper Hotel. Going back to the fabulous days at the Jewel of the Sea I want to thank all of you. I enjoyed talking to you, dancing with you, exploring new islands with you and most important to me to have fun with you. I had the feeling to be a member of a big tolerant family where everyone was treated with respect and dignity. This is also reflected in the fotos I have taken and which I will send to Anette and Klaus to be made availabe for all of you.Finally my warmest greetings go to Anette and Klaus who organized this wonderful trip to the caribean sea, introduced by very familar milongas in Miami and finalized by a special salsa party (which I could not join as I was travelling back home to Germany) in Fort Lauderdale. Anette and Klaus, you are a fantastique team, always taking care of all your group members so that I never felt alone – but always safe and comfortable! Big “Thank you” and “Kisses” to you! Hope to join one of your next trips.Cheers,Doro.

Gary und Susan:
Hello Anette and Klaus,We had a GREAT TIME! We had fun learning Salsa and seeing the islands. But most of all we enjoyed the wonderful group of people. THANK YOU !!! Gary and Susan from Florida.

Tango Cruise Griechenland/Türkei 22.9.-6.10.2005

Thank you for your efforts in making the cruise so enjoyable. I had the best holiday of my life. I hope to do it again some day. It was a great pleasure to meet you and all our fellow tangueros. I enjoyed your company very much and I hope some day to meet you again. Best wishes from England, Susan.


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