Image to Fausto Carpino & Stephanie Fesneau

Fausto Carpino and Stephanie Fesneau are a young and refreshing dance couple. They live in Syracuse, Sicily.  
Fausto & Stephanie have been teaching on our tango tours for five years now. They inspire us and our participants every time by their sympathetic and at the same time humorous & cheerful way! Both teach with great personal commitment by establishing contact with each couple.
Their dance is inspiring and rhythmically precise, their movements are fluid and beautiful.
Fausto, who by the way became known as the youngest tango teacher in Italy, first came in contact with dance at the age of 6. For Stephanie, who is French, dance and theater were also significant at a young age. They dance an elegant and classical style, combining flowing movements with a strong sense of rhythm and high precision. Their credo: the key to the beauty of tango lies in the intimate connection to the partner, in musicality and in a good technique.
In their courses they teach with a lot of personal commitment, wit and charm. They transfer their own enthusiasm for tango to their students and manage to bring joy and charisma into the dance with ease. A special concern for them is a good embrace in which both dancers feel comfortable and a connection with each other in the dance takes place.
Their classes are held in English and are easy to understand.

Fausto and Stephanie (Vals: Pedro Laurenz)
Fausto and Stephanie (Tango: Carlos Di Sarli)
Fausto and Stephanie (Tango: Osvaldo Pugliese)
Fausto and Stephanie (Vals: Juan D'Arienzo)
Fausto and Stephanie (Tango: Osvaldo Pugliese)
Fausto and Stephanie
 (Vals: Alfredo De Angelis)
Fausto and Stephanie (Vals: Juan D'Arienzo)
Fausto and Stephanie (Milonga: Juan D'Arienzo)