Image to Amanda & Adrian Costa

Amanda and Adrian are among the most famous tango personalities in France.
They see their personal essence in the classic Tango de Salón. Their clear feeling for rhythm and musicality make the dance appear light and extremely elegant to the viewer. Their clarity in the movement fascinate again and again. They attach particular importance to social dancing in their classes. It is important to them to achieve dance harmony with respect for all dancers on the slopes - without stress and hectic pace.

Amanda and Adrian have no "figure acrobatics". They see their own roots in the well-founded training they received from their maestros in Villa Urquiza in Buenos Aires. In the meantime, the "Urquiza style" is valued and taught worldwide. Simplicity and elegance are in the foreground instead of a multitude of figures. In their class, they show clearly how the dancers can achieve more presence and elegance in their dance through a good walking technique, a good hug and rhythmical clarity. Tango enjoyment at the highest level: Tango is not a figure, Tango is a feeling.

Amanda and Adrian teach clearly in English or, if desired, in Spanish and French.

Amanda und Adrian Costa (Tango - Lucio Demare)
Amanda und Adrian Costa (Tango - Osvaldo Pugliese)
Amanda und Adrian Costa (Tango - Carlos Di Sarli)
Amanda und Adrian Costa (Tango - Carlos Di Sarli)
Amanda und Adrian Costa (Milonga - Francisco Canaro)
Amanda und Adrian Costa (Tango - Osvaldo Pugliese)
Amanda und Adrian Costa (Milonga - Ricardo Tanturi)